Serbian SECRET SERVICE AGENT admits: We're spying on journalists and politicians!

Podeli vest sa drugima!


Since Bratislav Gasic came to BIA's cheif office (Serbian Secret Service), many things started to change – serbian newspaper KURIR reporting.

The KURIR has published a disturbing article on possible  -SPYING SCANDAL- in Serbia, that could involve even the president of Serbia Alexander Vucic and his closest man Bratislav Gasic, a new Secret service director.

This controversial newspaper claims that they have a statement from a [Seceret Service agent] about admitting a crime inside of the service itself.

The alleged agent says that serbian Secret service resources has been used in order to spy on journalists that oppose political regime in Serbia, but also and politicians and serbian celebrities. Still, there is no such thing as an official evidence for this kind of a statement.

PHOTO: Zelko Mitrovic the owner of PINK corporaion.

The KURIR goes further more in their shocking article by providing even more “informations” about details in this closed and classified circle:



Secret service agents are targeting some specific person.

Their job is to make sure that a person get some false accusations in mainstream [regime] media.

 After it, SECRET SERVICE asks a Court for an official surveillance order

 This surveillance order helps agents to get even more informations.

These informations are used in regime media to blame a person for the imaginary crime.

After media and public pressure, a Court decides to press a charges and start a process..


In these explaned ways, political regime of Alexander Vucic is trying to prevail and pass every single obstacle on their way to infinitive power. But, perhaps that power is already in hand of a few people in Serbia including Vucic itslef.

The question is, for how much additional power they're looking for!?


Source: Kurir / Daily Journal / Dnevni Žurnal

Text: Miloš Ćupurdija / Dnevni Žurnal

Photo: Adria Media Group