SERBIAN PEOPLE AGAINST VUČIĆ: – Kosovo will remain ours no matter what!

Podeli vest sa drugima!


It seems these days Kosovo is again the main topic in serbian public stage.

While the president  Alexander Vučić claims that the official Belgrade is ready for a new level in political negotiations, it looks like his nation decagrees with it.

For more than 67% of population, Kosovo is still a main “NO” reason for joining to the European union. So, after this “horrible” fact Vucic decided to steep aside as a prime minister in order to become the president.


Some experts are saying that this move means he is ready to recognize Kosovo's reallity or independency in order to pass obstacles on EU roads. Still, even if he do so, EU officials are ready to give to Serbia “GREEN LIGHT” for joining in next 5-10 years or even more.

“Kosovo will remain ours” – this is a new slogan for many ordinary people in Serbia, including famous actors, singers, notables writters or even a church officials.


Source: Dnevni Žurnal / Daily Journal

Text: Miloš Ćupurdija

Photo: Balkan Insight