Read our english version of PRIVACY POLICY under GDPR European regulations (since 25. May 2018.)

GDPR – General Data Protection Regulation


We do not collect your personal informations  such as personal name, last name, phone number, real address, credit card informations or browser history.


We do collect your IP address but only temporary in order to determine your geolocation and which certain part of our website you are visiting and for how long you are staying there.


When you leave our website, we don't follow your internet activities anymore, thefore your identity and privacy is under protection. 


We do not offer our users to comment on our content, which means that 3rd parties such as facebook, google or some unknown plugins for commenting are not following or sharing your informations nor identity with us or anyone else.


SPECIAL NOTICE: We might receive informations about your device from which you are visiting our website, such as mobile devices, tablets, PCs or some other devices, still we do not receieve details about users and their data on that devices.