HE SAID IT REALLY!? – President Vucic: Serbians are poor, we can work for less money!

Podeli vest sa drugima!


Serbian president Alexander Vucic said last night that Serbia as a country has so many poor cities and towns, so foreign companies could invest it there in order to get cheap but good working labour power!

This statment shocked so many people in Serbia that even some media (close to the president) reported on this as something “Bad” and “Wrong” at the same time.

Darko Milicic, media analyst says for the “Daily Journal” that it seems that serbian president mr. Vucic has lost his mind during heavy and long lasting political campaign in 2017.


Accodring to his opnion, its quite obvious that Serbia is a very poor country, but the problem is you can't say it in that way to the foreign companies, because it's very demeaningful to many people accross Serbia.

Anyhow, it looks like mr. Vucic doesn't particulary care as along as his face is on all media around in the Balkan region.

Source: Dnevni Zurnal / Daily Journal

Text: Milos Ćupurdija